Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Fish, Big Bugs, North Georgia

Green Drake, N. Georgia in June

My blog post are about as frequent as my Green Drake sightings.  I was fortunate to fish a green drake hatch on the Nantahala 2 years ago, but my closest experience with an actual specimen was during a Tuesday night Hee Haw style hoe down in Georgia the second week of June this summer.

I had the privilege of spending 3 weeks near Jasper Georgia from May 24 to June 16, and the little creek running through the property there didn't disappoint.  I probably only had a total of 3 hours on the water in my three weeks there, but every night I was given a free entomology class walking to and from events on the property as bugs would show themselves from dusk on.

Sulpher Mayfly

Little Yellow Sallie

Goldne Stone

Goldne Stones and a Caddis

Green Drake

Huge Green Drake

 The fishing wasn't too bad either.

I think the bigger guys were hold over stockers from the lake below, but I'll take a surprise 16 plus inch  trout in Georgia any time.  I was still real surprised to find wild fish in the 12 inch range in the tiny creek.  Stimulators took them on top, and Kevin's Stonefly for the big boys underneath. Blessed.  

The Hoe Down That The Green Drake Crashed