Sunday, May 15, 2011

Davidson River Video

Some video of me and a couple of buddies fishing the D.  


An old friend from college, Ryan Kraska, and I got together to camp and fish last Friday night.  We fished most the day Saturday, and were joined by another friend, Sink Kimmel.  Saturday was a fairly productive fishing day, and we all landed and long distance released a good number of fish.  Sink landed the biggest of the day (a 22'' brown), as seen in the still shot at the end of the video. And he caught it on top water!  The video and pics were just a few of the fish we were able to capture digitally. Stones, midges, and some terrestrials produced fish. 

For the record, Ryan Kraska cooks a mean bratwurst.

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  1. Slayfest doubt it will be my best fishing day in North Carolina yet, so that's exciting.