Thursday, July 14, 2011

Local Wild Water

Hit up some local wild water today with my buddy, Manning.

It fished a lot better two weeks ago.  However, two weeks ago we didn't meet 30+ kids from a camp quickly scrambling past us in the water.  We leap frogged them a couple of times, but the always caught us within 45 seconds, and promptly passed us (no exaggeration).  It was fun to sprint up the trail and see if you could land a fish before the tweens would over take us.  Honestly, I was glad they were making good use of the public land, and getting out in nature.  They reminded me what "share" means.  Fly fishermen don't really share with strangers.  They don't share fly patterns, what their biting on, and the really don't share water.   Note to self, go early next time and beat the crowds.

As seen on TV show "River Monsters"

These super tiny trout are kind of cool.  I like them more than plane old tiny trout, or small trout (those are the scientific size classifications). Most of the fish caught today were small, but I know there are bigger fish in there because they have impaled themselves on my flies before. Today, they were just hiding from the 6o flip flopped and bare foot feet stomping ahead of us.

We caught fish primarily on a size 14 peacock and red madam x.  I caught one on a soft body dubbing ant.  The temp was low 80's, and the river was low and clear even after a good storm yesterday.   

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