Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thanks Tropical Storm Lee

The Davidson water levels are up thanks to Lee.  Not up and muddy, but running a clear 100cfs as opposed to the 40cfs its been since late June.  I fished Friday with by buddy Ryan, and I failed to put him on a fish.  Sorry Ryan. Go back to your home in Colorado, and you will find it much easier to catch fish right now. So, I only feel a tinge of remorse since you'll be fishing the Arkansas river this time next week.  I managed about 10 fish during the morning session, but never found THE fly the fish were craving.  Regardless, it was nice to see more, and cooler,  water in the stream. I caught fish on h.e. birds nest, yellow split case midge, black fly larvae, red midge, a scrimp, and a brassie.

This was a fat 16 incher. I mean FAT.
We got some lunch and decided to leave the hatchery section and fish the lower D. It was fishing like a true wild stream on the mid 70's September afternoon.  I only caught 3 or 4 fish using a yellow sallie dry and a brassie dropper, but I missed a bunch.  Most of the fish were small, but I did have a nice brown break me off on the brassie.  I finished at this long slick tailout, with fish sipping midges all over the place.  I had to stealthily get out of the water, and try to cast ninja style through the brush from dry land to avoid putting the fish down from my wading waves.  I cast to a 16-18 inch rising brown a few times, but every time my delicately placed bow and arrow cast hit the water, he felt uncomfortable.  I want to go back to the magic hole in September at dusk, and land a wily big guy. Summer is over, and trout fishing we be getting better in the next few weeks. And I will not have to enjoy it.  Please!!! Go in my stead.

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