Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fresh Fall Fishing

I netted 2 hours on a little wild stream nearby Saturday.  It was 44 degrees in Shelby Saturday morning, but it was probably upper 50's in the mountains when my buddy Micah and I stepped in the water around 11:30am.  The stream was low and clear, the sky was a cloudless Carolina blue, and the leaves were already beginning to show their fall color.  As soon as my boot hit the river bed I stopped second guessing if this short time on the water would be worth the effort.  Just to stand in the stream, even without a fly rod, on this perfect fall day would have been worth it.

I spooked some fish walking too confidently in the first hole, before I realized just how low the water was. This hole has always been a numbers hole, but I have never caught a fish of note worthy size in it.  Today I saw two fish much bigger than I anticipated there. I still landed this nice bow and 2 others from the upper stretch of the hole despite my initial sloppy wading.

I fished a big stimulator with a red #16 bh copper john dropper.  I picked up 7 fish, and 2 of those were on the stimi.  The fish above was the first, and biggest fish of the day.  She took the bead head within my first 5 minutes on the water and was about 12 inches or more. Micah fished a double nymph rig, with a brown latex and natural cdc and wood duck soft hackled bh caddis larvae followed by a little #18 bh blue and silver pt.  I think he had more consistent action on the deeper runs with his set up, but it was hard to fish in the shallow runs due to its weight.

Good time on the agua.

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