Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Editing...for dummies

Having a fishing blog helped propel me into taking more fishing pictures. I love looking at great fishing shots when I can't get to the water, and I enjoy attempting to capture cool pics on a fly outing as long as it doesn't interrupt the fishing or endanger the fish.  Lately, I have been running some of my shots through Instagram (an iphone app) for editing purposes.  It can make a dramatic difference.

Look at the two photos below to see the difference. This picture was snapped from my car waiting in line at the Cookout Drive-thru.  The sky was being brilliantly reflected off the glossy black surface of the building, allowing me to capture the image below.
original photo captured on iphone 4s
Post Instagram production
You can see the difference.  Instagram is easy to use, but is only available on the Iphone.  Since I don't take my Iphone on the water, I can take pictures on a regular camera and then e-mail them to my phone for editing.  I can also put my phone on airplane mode to prevent from "sharing" the photo via the social media tools Instagram is designed for.

Here is a photo I took on my on my Canon Elph point and shoot.  You can see the difference post Instagram editing.

Canon photo enhanced on Iphoto

Same photo, with contrast and filter adjustment on Instagram
The borders are not mandatory on Instagram, and the various filters are numerous. You can also create focal points with clarity adjustments, and a new contrast feature I call the "awesome button" can have dramatic effects.   All the pictures are square, being one of the limiting factors of using this app for photo editing instead of quick photo sharing.

I am an Instagram fan. Get out and fish.

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