Friday, April 6, 2012

What If?

S. Platte River, CO - AKA The Dream Stream

What if next Monday, when I set foot in the S. Platte for the first time, all the stars align?  I have hopeful theories.  I've heard four comments consistently about the Dream Stream.  Crowds, tiny flies, big fish, and crowds. Hmmm.  Sounds like my home waters of the Davidson River here in NC.  What if my time chasing big, educated, over-pressured fish with tiny flies and light tippets on the D has been perfect training for the S. Platte?  What if the fisherman per square yard don't even rival the "bring your own rock" crowds of the Davidson? What if the eastern versions of the eggs, worms, and midges I tie are just different enough from the Colorado versions of the same flies, resulting in fish taking them more readily than the common flies they see from Colorado fly shop bins? What if I hook and land a 27 inch lake run rainbow? Or, what if I get skunked? What if I only catch one 12 inch trout? What if my short time on the water just isn't enough to get dialed in? What if...

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure you'll do great! Can't wait to get a report.

    Hayden Clark