Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crooked Creek, Colorado

Willow Choked Crooked Creek, Fraser Colorado

I was at another Young Life property last week and weaseled in a little time on Crooked Creek that winds through the camp there.  It's a tiny stream that carves it's way through thick willows and is full of beaver dams and little brook trout.

Here is a sample of a typical brookie from the stream.

Colorado Brook Trout

The highlight of what little fishing I did was putting two high school guys onto their first trout.  They were both on the trip with me at camp, and even though we live near trout in NC, they had to travel to Colorado to catch their first. I had them dead drifting and skating a foam yellow sallie.  They both missed a few fish, which was exciting in and of itself.  We found a little run that had a number of eager brookies. After a few more missed hook sets, they both landed their first fish on the fly. They couldn't resist that sallie or trude skating across the top of the water.

Here are some more shots of the creek.

pool above a little beaver dam

light rain on a large beaver pond

another larger beaver pond

one of many crooked bends in Crooked Creek

I found a hitch hiker yellow sallie stone that rode back to the cabin with me. 

Brook trout aren't picky. Great starter fish for any bigginers.

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