Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trout Wanted...Only large Browns Need Apply

I don't like eggs.  Unless, said eggs are in a quiche, my special recipe chorizo breakfast burrito's, or brownie batter.  Today was all about eggs in brownies on the Davidson. The Dirty D and it was done dirt cheap.

This first bruiser was the second fish to take the veiled apricot egg in the first 5 minutes, but was the first to hand.

These fellows followed.

This was my first outing in over three months, and I was all smiles.  A nice rainbow similar in size to the fish above was the other big fish of the day, and a half dozen or so others made for a great 5 hours on the water. The river was flowing at 100 cfs and it was overcast and in the 30's.  My buddy heath sweetened the deal by tuning up my reel while on the water.

I noted 2 distinct changes in my fishing after my second child was born.  One, my high sticking fitness level has plummeted.  I left with a fiercely burning right shoulder. Two, I don't always sing on the water, but when I do, it's a great tune from the likes of some super cool band (stay thirsty my friends).  Today however, the words that softly spilled from my mouth were the lyrics from "Go, Diego Go!" Lame.  Maybe its so lame, I could convince someone I'm uber hipster for singing it.  Doubtful.  I found myself singing it at least twice.  I love my kids like crazy, but not the Diego theme song. Here are a couple of other pics.

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