Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Promised Land

Recently, two friends were kind enough to invite me to fish a private stream with them.  They were so kind, that they even paid my rod fee for the stream.  They wanted me to enjoy a pre-baby fishing excursion (My wife is due in two weeks with our first).  Well, I was MUCH obliged!  The night before I was like I kid before Christmas.  Dreams of catching 100 fish,  some of those being world records, wondering what to do when I out fished my generous friends so not to crush their kind spirits.  We hit the water at 8 am, and behold! A 24 inch behemoth from the bowels of the Davidson River's private section!
Look at it when compared to those arms!  It's a massive beast!    Before we went, I had NEVER caught a fish that size. The girth on the thing was ridiculous! The fish pulled 100 yards down stream, over a couple of slippery ledges and into a deep run up to my chest.  Let me tell ya, I was tired after finally bringing this lady to the net..It was proabably a 20 minute fight....for Mason, by buddy. I netted HIS big fish. And another 20 incher HE caught... and an 18 incher my BUDDY Alan caught.  THEY caught about 12 fish between them.  Josh 'the fish whisperer" Jones only manged two fish to hand.  One massive 5 inch native rainbow, and another hawg of a 7 inch horny head sucker.  PS.  If you havn't figured it out yet, I still havn't caught a fish the size of the one pictured above.

Ain't she a beaut!  Thats what I produced on about 8 hours of private water fishing. Wounded pride.  Last night I noticed there was a fly fishing show on the dvr.  It lead off saying that this particular show was going to be designated for beginner, and even an intermediate fly fisherman wouldn't learn anything.  I watched it all.  Intensely.

Net Boy, signing out till next time!

Notice.  That's not me.  If Alan sends me his picture, I'll give him some face time too.

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