Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simms Headwater Waders Review

I kind of lucked into a pair of Simms Headwater Waders.  I bought some close out patagonia waders off of e-bay for a great deal. They retailed at $300, but I got them for $190, which still seemed like a lot of money to spend on waders.  Waders cost too much in general these days.  Well, they sent me a women's pair of waders.  I was flattered, but not interested.  I contacted the vendor, and they apologized and I reordered.  The vendor contacted me a few days later and apologized again because they didn't have my size in stock after all.  He then offered me the Simms headwater waders (another $300 pair of waders that is NEVER on sale) for the same $190 price.  I gladly excepted his offer.

Here's the skinny. Simms are made in Montana. Check.  These headwaters are gore-tex. Check.  They are anatomically cut, have super tough reinforced lower legs, thinner but tough neoprene booties, and a really cool micro fleece lined hand warmer pocket. Check, check, check, check.  Another sweet perk lies in the leak detection department.  If you have a pinhole leak, you can blot rubbing alcohol around the suspected area inside your waders, and the waders will appear black around any leak area.  This prevents having to fill the waders full of water to look for a leak, which in turn stresses out all the seams from having gallons and gallons of water weight in the waders.

I really like these waders after a few months of use.  I feel confident bush whacking through the woods with out worrying about ripping the waders due to the tough "chaps" on front.  I love the way the fit too.  I'm 6 feet with a 33inch inseam and size 10 1/2 foot, and these fit like a glove.  I don't know if I would spend $300 on any pair of waders (that's just a lot of money), but I feel good about the $190 on I spent on these.  They should last a long, long time. 

*After a year i still dig these waders and the are doing great! 1-4-2013

I know, gear reviews stink compared to pictures of fish.  I'm going fishing Tuesday and hope to have a good report with good pics.  Salivate.

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