Monday, December 19, 2011

December on the D

Fished the Davidson near the hatchery from 10-3.  The river was flooded out about 2 weeks ago (3000cfs vs. the 100cfs I fished today), and the river looked a little different. Some logs were gone, and some new logs now cross the river.  The fish were holding in different places as well.  I'm not certain if this was due to the flood, or just colder temperatures. It took an hour to land the first fish, a large brook trout.

The Davidson is a unique stream, and I believe most of the browns and rainbows are stream born, but these brook trout either swim up stream after being stocked on the lower Davidson to make the fertile grounds of the hatchery their home, or are hatchery escapees.  

The fishing was never hot, but I managed 10 fish over the course of the day.  The temperature was in the upper 40's for the high, and was in the upper twenties early that morning. Sunny to partly cloudy through out the day. 

I picked up this fish, and a number of others, on a size 16 boss hog stonefly. I love that fly.  I cycled through midges and eggs picking up fish on small carolina egg. I fished 3 flys at once at times, but mostly fished the stone and a dropper.

I was a poor photographer today, and missed photo on two nice rainbows. I am heading back in two days, and the forcast is for rain and warmer temperatures.  Sounds like conditions may be better then.

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