Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot of the Bench

My lady gave me an intermediate fly tying class for Christmas at Davidson River Outfitters.  I have already had 3 of the 4 classes, and it has helped sharpen my skills whether the flies below indicate that or not.

I used my first epoxy in the class. Before, I'd been intimidated to crack open the epoxy at the house for some reason.  I also got the first real good instruction on using my rotary vise.  Lou, the teacher,  has also  taught me easier ways to work with biots, deer hair, partridge, rubber legs, and a number of other materials. My first fly tying class was at a local fly shop my senior year in college at App State.  It only took me 12 years to seek further help.

Flies pictured from bottom to top: BWO loop wind emerger, black fly larvae, egg, my version of a yellow submarine BH soft hackle, copper johns, and 2 sheepfly's.

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