Friday, April 8, 2011

Fly Tyer

I subscribe to Fly Tyer magazine, and actually have some cool old copies from the 70's.  Here is a quote from an article in the spring issue of Fly Tyer  along with some pics of some of the old Fly Tyers I have.

Isn’t it sad how we pity ourselves when it has been too long since we last fished? Why do I not also feel for the trout, never free from predation? They never get to sleep, and they risk everything anytime they eat. They never get a reprieve, and yet here I am, chubby-cheeked and quite content as I plan their demise. I tell you, things should be different. Asking so little, trout deserve to have it easy; expecting so much, we should have it so hard. But there you go: Life isn’t fair and we don’t want it to be. Not when we have wicked plans.  -Bill Logan

 Just a few of the retro Fly Tyers

 $2 for this '79 Spring issure. I might tie up that soft hackle

 The greatest fisherman of all time resides over my tying desk

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