Monday, April 25, 2011

Wild Bows in April

Got out on a wild stream today and it was beautiful.  I had never fished this section, and it had no trail.  That meant:  A.) great fishing because there is very little pressure; or,  B.) crappy fishing, so no one bothers to fish it or make a trail on it's banks.  Fortunately, it turned out to be "A."  I managed 20 or so fish in the three hours I fished (12p -3p).

 I saw some yellow sallies, little midges, and a couple of big stone flies flying around.  I caught fish on a black and tan stone I tie, a boss hog (a light stone fly I can't tie), and a birds nest.  I nymphed all day because I never saw a single rise.

I caught 7 fish in the first hole, and this one of the takers.

I caught this fish about 2:30, and he was the brightest and biggest up to that point (10 inches or so).


 I caught another 10 incher, and then this guy (the biggest of the day) all by 3pm.  I had to leave to catch my ride, and didn't get to finish fishing the last hole that was producing these bigger fish.  But like the terminator said...

river trash.
 Found this walking back to the car.  Those dagum hipsters throw their vinyl out everywhere. I bet Jon Black threw this in the river.  

Look at Jon.  Walking to the river now probably to throw an old washin' machine in. Jerk.

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  1. dying to get out there man. Second week of May, it's on. Sloan