Monday, April 11, 2011

Green River

I took my friend Charles to the DH section of the Green River today.   He had never been fly fishing before, but he picked up casting very quickly.  In fact, he landed his first fish (a rainbow) and lost two more.  That's saying a lot since they were generating from the tuxedo hydro station and the water was pumping strong.  I picked up a few fish too.  One nice brookie and the others were browns. I missed landing to nice browns that spit the fly after a fight. We were swinging big stone flies, streamers, and san juans.  We saw some big browns sporadically feeding on top water, but couldn't ever get a fish to rise to our dries. The temp was in the high 70's, breezy, and mostly sunny.  I only managed one pic on my on my cell, and I dropped Charles' first trout before we could snap a picture.  Party foul.  All and all, it was great to be out and I was stoked that Charles landed a trout his first day out and felt a nice and felt a good size fish put a bend in his rod.
Green River brown trout

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