Friday, January 13, 2012

The Circle of Life...or at Least Road Kill

On a bike ride today I spotted about a 100 foxy red minnows. However, they were in pretty raw form.

I pedaled over to a friends house, bummed a ride and some pruning shears, and did a little pruning.

Wearing full spandex, standing in the near dark over a dead fox on the side of the road drew a lot of looks as cars passed by.  My first assumption was that they were looking at my hot bod, but further analysis determined that most people had never seen a man in spandex cutting body parts off of road kill with pruning shears.  Now I just hope this fox died from the presumable vehicle impact and not rabies.

my prize

Below you will find the finished product that I hope will result in a willing trout, smallie, or redfish.

Foxy Red Minnow

Here is an instructional video from Kevin Howell at DRO for tying up the foxy red minnow.

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