Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 31 Wet Wade

Wednesday the 21st of December I made a trip to fish and left my Fishpond Guide pack at home with all my gear. As I confidently packed my rod, boots, camera, pack, and newly tied flies Saturday, vowing not to make the same mistake, I arrived at the river an hour later to discover I left my waders at home.  In december.  Time to roll the pants into knickers, slip into the river, and turn the dogs into concrete.
Check out my Huck Finn pants

My buddy Heath grabbed some nice pics along the way

As long as we were in the sun, the fishing was good on this little wild stream. 

great par marks is this fish

This was the "big" fish of the day

When the stream turned behind the north slope and the water had been shaded all day, the fishing became tougher. I caught 7 in sun warmed water even though time was split with two hours in each scenario.

My feet were concrete after wet wading for four hours.  The temp was in the upper 50's in the sun, and in the 40's in the shade.  It was warm for late January, but not "leave your waders at home" weather. I could see my breath when the sun was hidden behind the mountain.  

I fished a Bill's Provider and a black Copper John, catching fish on a about a 3:2 ratio Provider to Copper John. It was a great way to spend the last afternoon of the year.  Later 2011.

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