Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Fish

Today was the first real winter fishing I have done this year since we had such a mild December.  My buddy Shem and I headed to the Davidson and at 10:30 it was 30 degrees, the river was at 150cfs, and it was cloudy. Shem landed the first fish in less than 20 minutes despite being his first time on the infamous Davidson River.

Red midge strikes again

The fishing was hot for the next 30 minutes, but slowed after that. I get fired up about winter trout fishing, and today it felt great to be out.  

Enjoy the photos below (despite the smudge on the lens).

I teased Shem with succulent stories of 12 bones BBQ for our post fishing grub...

sadly, it was closed.

12 Bones alternative

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