Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carpless in Cackalacky

My first stab at carp fishing left my hands fish slime free.  My buddy heath and I saw some tailing fish, but poor water clarity made sight fishing extra tough.  I hope to stick one and decide for myself if fly fishing for carp is a fad or as awesome as people say it is.  That, or I'm going to invent a way to noodle cats on the fly, and start the next alt fly fishing genre.  I'll tie flies that look like a human hand, and use a 14 weight rod to jam them in a cat fish hole.  Off course the rod and line will cost a bazillion dollars, compared to the $0 of equipment needed for true noodling.  It's kind of like the $20 zebco and a dough ball for carp versus the overpriced fly outfits people stalk carp with.  It's gettin dumb, and I'm mildly participating.

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