Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Stream

On new wild water, each new hole, run, riffle, or peice of pocket water has seeming potential.  And the first few cast into that new water leaves me filled with anticipation.  When you get an eat, it's hard not to smile, regardless of the size of the fish.  And when you get an eat, and the fish is ten inches or more, it's more rewarding than any 16 inch stocker or the like from the "trough" on the Davidson. And, chances are, only you (and your buddy if you came together) where around to see it.

I've fished two new wild streams recently that are very close to where I grew up.  In fact, they were closer to my child hood home than most of the streams I would fish when I still lived in Hendersonville. Both streams held wild trout.
My buddy Matt caught this guy (Matt is 6'4" and has large hands!).  

I also caught one of the most vividly colored wild browns I have ever laid eyes on.  It had a perfect red dot on it's adipose fin (the tiny fin on it's back between the dorsal fin and the tail).  I needed to get that fish back in the water quick, and couldn't snap a pic.  

The water was low, and the temp was in the upper 80's.  We caught fish on stimulators, tarantulas, caddis pupa, and a rubber legged flash back hairs ear.  Probably a 3-1 nymph to dry catch ratio. We where on the water about 3 and a half hours (12pm -3:330pm), and as always, it wasn't long enough.

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