Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fatty Caddis Larva

Fatty tuna is called Toro in the sushi world.  Big fat creamy caddis larva burrowed in their stick casings under a few rocks last week in a little stream; a.k.a., trout toro. I couldn't believe how big and juicy they were. Sir Mix-A-Lot would have gone bonkers over them. They were approaching grub like status. Came home and tied up some, but I havn't got to fish them yet. Tried to test them Saturday, but a storm turned the little stream into chocolate milk soon after we made our first casts.

Here she is.

thread- 6/0 black
hook- #10 caddis pupa
abdomen- white antron dubbing, and some (ahhhemm)house hold thin latex
rib- copper wire
thorax- super bright black dubbing
head- black bead

I think I want to keep the rib sparse as seen on the second one, but lose the rubber legs.  I was pleased with the thin latex. It let's the dubbing and black thread peek through, giving it the translucent appearance the real ones have.  You can kinda see their guts.  Hopefully one day these will perform a beautiful metamorphosis into a zealous trout that impaled itself on my hook.  Sucka.

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