Friday, June 3, 2011

Losing Streak Over- Smallies

Summer time.  Hot and dry equals good small mouth fishing and tough trout fishing.  Lot's of rain?  Small mouth rivers blow out and shut down, but the trout streams fish a lot better.  It's pretty convenient. 

I only landed one small mouth on the Broad today, but after going 0'fer the last 5 times out at the coast chasing redfish, it was nice to come home skunkless.  The weather man said it would be hot, but it didn't feel too bad.  I think the humidity was low.  I hooked two fish on a white and chartreuse clauser, and got zero eats on a damsel slider and a black articulated streamer.  That river was low, but still fairly muddy.  The Broad has a dam at Lake Lure, and a major tributary, the Green River, has a dam at Lake Adger.  These dam releases mess with the water levels and clarity downstream, which smallies greatly dislike.  They like consistant flows and water quality.

Look how screwy the water levels are even with no rain.

 It's still a beautiful river. It holds small mouth, large mouth, white bass, bluegill, and a few varietys of catfish.  Small mouth can bend a fly rod too.  That little guy above did a number on my 7wt.  The tug is the drug.


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