Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Rook Rakes

Charles Terry was nick named "The Rook" by a certain unstable lunatic known as "Murf" back in the late 90's.  Yesterday, only his second day on the water, Charles "The Rook" Terry had an impressive showing as a fly fishing rookie. He landed 6 fish on the Davidson yesterday morning, and lost a few others.
The Rook with a 15inch rainbow, and a bad photographer

He landed this one with a EH caddis.

The fishing was pretty good that morning, and if I wouldn't have lost the two flies that were producing, it would have been better. The red midge, HE bird's nest, and EH caddis, produced fish.  After a couple of hours, I switched from a dry dropper to a light double nymph rig, and my results quickly improved.  I landed 7 or 8 fish, most being in the 15-18 inch range.  The water was very low (50cfs), but cool.  A storm chased us off the river around 12:30, and didn't let up for a couple of hours, so we took off earlier than expected.

We saw some HUGE golden stones in the parking lot.  Probably size #2.
You can't tell from the photo, but their bellies where gold


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